06 July 2007

A Day in the Life

You have to run errands and driving is a pain in the butt and uber expensive, what do you do? You take the T!!! Public transportation is cool, I'm really digging it, but I must say it can be a little daunting to the uninitiated when there are multiple locations involved. Take today for example:

Walk down to the corner of Southbourne and Hyde Park Ave to catch the bus.
Take the #32 bus to Forest Hills Station.
Take the Orange line to the Ruggles Station.
Take the #47 bus the Beth Israel for doctors appointment.
Take the CT3 bus back to Ruggles.
Take Orange line to NE Medical Center Station.
- drop off paper work and get work schedule for next week
Get back on Orange line (outbound now) and go back to Forest Hills.
Take the #39 bus to Centre St. and go to the bank.
Take #39 bus back to Forest Hills.
Take #32 bus back to Southbourne.
Walk back home.

Ta Da! That was my day today. And I didn't even elaborate on all the waiting for the bus/train time that comes in between if you're unfortunate enough not to catch it as it's pulling away. Maybe someday if I'm bored enough I'll actually time those steps. Of course that would mean I'd have to buy a watch....

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