21 March 2008

I'm Harry Potter!

I like things that make me laugh.

And I had to add this one too. If this doesn't make you laugh than you have a heart made of stone. Seriously.

Mildly offensive to some...

And wickedly funny to others:

(I'm an "other" in case you hadn't guessed)

19 March 2008

Epic Fail

It's called Avoidance. It's what happens when Jessica freaks out and can't deal with the stress any more. Should be doing homework that's due tomorrow? Let's post on our blog instead. Should be going to work? Let's just stay in the house and not leave for a few days. In other news...

I can't believe my friend Phoenix went to Cornell and failed to mention this shit to me. 8 pages. And the rest of the site is pretty sweet too.


Now this my friends...

is one intelligent teenager. I'm impressed.

Kid Does His War on Terror School Project using Porn (Clean) from Arman Noory on Vimeo.

You don't even have to read all of it...

Well crap. Am I a big dork because I think this is funny as shit?


10 March 2008

Oh holy shit...

I know there are some of you who will say, "Jess, this is the first time you've seen this?" Yes, it is. I'm sorry. But I've seen it now, so all is good.

07 March 2008

04 March 2008


We gots tix to see da Bruins on the 13th. How psyched am I? We couldn't go see them play the Canadians which would've been the sweetest but we're gonna see them play Tampa Bay so it'll still be good. I got my Thomas t-shirt too!!! Hockey jersey's are just way to expensive.
Love me some Phil Kessel.

03 March 2008

02 March 2008

More Top 10

Top 10 Favorite Live Concerts (at least out of the few I've seen so far)

1. OAR (x3)

2. DMB

3. Grateful Dead

4. Cake

5. Shawn Mullins (x2)

6. Apples in Stereo

7. Black Crowes

8. Tom Petty

9. Allman Brothers

10. U2

11. Violent Femmes/B-52's

01 March 2008

March 2008 NaBloPoMo

Every day for a month. Lists. I can do this.

Top 10 Favorite Movies (at this particular moment in time)

1. All 3 of the LOTR movies (and most likely the 2 Hobbit movies when they come out)

2. The 13th Warrior

3. 300

4. Ocean's 11 (and 12)

5. Snatch

6. The Breakfast Club

7. The Matrix

8. Amadeus

9. Heavy Metal

10. High Fidelity

11. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

12. Princess Bride

13. Goonies

14. Anything by/with Jay and Silent Bob

15. Strictly Ballroom

16. Dirty Dancing (shut up, I don't wanna hear it...)

Okay, so that's more than ten and not really in order except for the first two. Whatever. It's my list of movies that I love and will watch over and over again. I might have to revise this list a bit in the future.