21 December 2007

Got Ink????

I do! WooHoo! After all these years I've finally started work on my back. And I LOVE IT!! It's being done by Justin Kopec at Fat Ram's Pumpkin Tattoo in JP. Go there and check out the incredible work.

Before: poorly executed tat of the cover art from "The Tao of Pooh" circa 1993

In Progress: outlining complete of custom designed "Fairy Librarian" tattoo :)

Basically right now I feel like I have a bit of a sunburn on my back. It was weird though that the right side hurt far less than the left. I must have some extra tension or something over there that made it more painful.

Next appointment: January 10th.


  1. WOW! I am impressed! That looks very awesome :o)

    (I feel silly, after you mentioned blogging last night (I had been thinking about your myspace) I remembered you had started a new one. I will remember to watch this one now ;o) d'oh!)

  2. http://thedarkabhorsen.blogspot.com :o)

  3. Is there a way I can, for lack of a better word, "friend you?" Can I not have a network of blogspot peoples at hand? Or do I have to check out people individually?