16 April 2008

Qualify as a Groupie?

How many times do you have to see an artist or a band before you become a "groupie"? Do you have to follow them around the country or is it sufficient just to see them whenever they are within a reasonable radius for driving? On that same note is it a negative or a positive to be a "groupie"? I can't help but think of "Almost Famous" when I think of groupies and that's not what I'm talking about. The reason I ask this is because last night I saw Shawn Mullins for the third time. It was a phenomenal show, as expected. I blogged about the last show here, where you will also find my disclaimer on country music. He played TWO SETS last night which was awesome. More stories about how the songs came about than before as well. I think that this show was ALMOST as good as the show at the Grey Eagle in Asheville. Definitely better than the show at the HardRock Cafe, which doesn't surprise me since he's not a corporate boy in any which way. The show was at Johnny D's in Somerville. Nice place with yummy sweet potato fries :) He's an unbelievable story teller and I would highly recommend checking him out no matter what your views on country music ('cause he's not really country, I swear).

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