03 November 2007

I Finished Something!

It's been a while since I've finished any sort of project that I've started. My track record hasn't been that great. Either I've run into some sort of road block and given up, lost interest or just run out of steam. But all hail the small project!
Baby Booties!!
Scott's sister Wendy had a little boy on October 13th, Alexander, and I actually managed to knit 2 pair for him.

Then (well, it might have been a little before, I don't remember the exact date) Leilani had a little girl, Lakiya, and I knit her a pair as well.

It's a fantastic pattern, Saarjte's Bootees that I had originally found on Craftster.org. It's hard for me to remember to post my crafts here as I normally just post to Craftster.

Anyway, I also made cards to put in the packages before I mailed them out but only managed to take a picture of the one going to Chicago Land.

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