09 November 2007

It's finally Friday

I'm so effing tired. I think most of the time I'm more mentally exhausted than physically. Oh well. Only 1.5 more years to go and then I can join the real world. I'm considering getting a "real" part-time job and maybe cutting down to 2 classes a semester but the consequence of having a real routine (which I need) would be that I'm in school longer (which I don't need). So I think I'm just going to suck it up and keep on doing what I'm doing. Although I've discovered that I do need to get some sort of library experience while I'm here at grad school because that seems to be what keeps a lot of new grads from getting a job after they graduate ( or a decent job anyway). I miss my job at the library that I had as an undergrad. I love libraries, hence the whole wanting to be a librarian thing...

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