08 November 2007

Libraries 2.0

I'm investigating social software/web 2.0 and it's applications in academic libraries for a paper. Well, really the paper is on social bookmarking and tagging in academic libraries but it has totally mushroomed into this obsession with me and all these things that are out there that I never knew about. I'm still trying to figure out what rock I was living under... (If I'm feeling particularly feisty one night I may just do a little review of each of these, but don't hold your breath)

Already have a membership/subscribe or otherwise frequent:
* wists
* pandora
* flickr
* librarything
* myspace
* my blog

Just subscribed/joined in the past three days:
* del.icio.us
* ning
* shelfari
* 43things
* stumbleupon
* facebook

Still need to investigate/join:
* youtube(not like i've never been there but i still haven't bothered to make myself an account to save things in yet)
* linkedin
* pageflakes
* lastfm
* musicovery
* clusty cloud
* refworks
* digg
* meebo

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