11 November 2007

Today was a bad, bad day.

Really. And it shouldn't have been. It was all my fault.

I decided that I was going to go to Ikea. I'd never been there, we need to put some curtains up and they have the best prices for curtains. So I Google Mapped the directions, got in the car and went. It was a little overwhelming to say the least. After I figured out how the store worked though it was a little better. Lets just say I will definitely be going back. There is much much more to explore. I managed to get the sheer curtains I need, new shower curtain and bath mat, wine rack as well as some other little things that I don't know how I ever lived without.

Anyway, on my way out I noticed that I was about to leave the vicinity without stopping at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. Shame on me. Well, turns out I should've kept on driving. I ended up locking my keys in my car. Shit. This is now the only car we own. It's not like I can call Scott and he can just drive over and let me in. Plus he was working this weekend. Luckily he only had another hour to go of work and his co-worker Coetea was sweet enough (we filled her tank as a thank you) to drive him out there with the spare key.

The kicker to all of this is that I shoved a few bags of things I bought at the Christmas Tree Shoppe under the car instead of lugging them all over with me as I waited to be rescued. By the time I got back to the car with Scott the bags were gone. Someone crawled under my fricken car and stole them. WTF?!?! All I can think of is that someone must've seen me do it because otherwise how the hell would they have known it was under there? It's just really shitty. The most unbelievable thing is that we went back in to just re-buy the curtains I had gotten when Scott decided to ask at the desk if anyone had turned anything in. They said no one had but if I had my receipt I could go re-get what I had and they would let me have it without repaying!!! Can you believe it?!! It was totally my stupidity and they didn't seem to care. It ended up that I had gotten the last 2 of the curtains the first time so they credited back my card for that and let me walk away with all the things a second time. I couldn't believe it. I'll definitely go back there because they didn't have to be so nice.

I felt so shitty though, I mean, it was Jessica being a total dumb ass that got me into that mess in the first place. Scott felt so bad for me that he bought me take-out Chinese for dinner :) I was like, well shit, if I had known that's what it would take to get Chinese then.... No, just kidding.

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