08 November 2008

Love me the 39

I'm pretty sure I'm all out of pressing matters to bitch about. At least I can't think of anything right now off the top of my head. Give me a few and I'm sure I can think of something.

Nope, still can't think of anything. I'm too tired. I waited too long tonight before starting to write my post and now I'm too tired to think of anything interesting to say. You'd think that after spending the afternoon at the BPL Main Branch I'd have plenty of interesting tid-bits to share but honestly it was fairly tame. There was a really scary really drunk man who got on the 39 and sat behind me that made me uncomfortable. He was talking to himself. And not in a good way.

On that note I think I will just leave you with a picture of the Bates Hall Reading Room in the Main Branch of the Boston Public Library at Copley Square.

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