09 November 2008

My cat almost puked on my foot

How lovely. Fortunately his aim leaves much to be desired.

I got a shit ton of knitting done tonight while watching football. I'd take a pic to document my project if we had a working camera. But we don't. So I can't.

I'm going to try working at a coffee shop tomorrow and see how it works. If it's just not going to work I'll head on over to the library. I'm going to JP Lick's, far better than some snotty Starbucks crap. I would consider a bookstore cafe but I don't honestly know of any (besides your B&N ones). Just put out a tweet looking for suggestions, we'll see if anything comes up by morning.

That could be a good post for later in the week, how much I'm addicted to Twitter. I've got a lot of books to write about too. I really should get on that.

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