05 November 2008

Bless their hearts

I love these ladies.

(L-R: Martha, Shirley, President Obama, Mary, Janet)

They are the exception to every single southern stereotype out there. They are the reason I didn't go crazy during the 2.5 years I was finishing my undergrad.

There are others, don't get me wrong. I had a nice little bubble in Cullowhee. But Mary and Shirley (above) were like my surrogate family, for Scott and I and he didn't even work there (though he was there often enough). I miss them a lot. I miss Hunter Library a lot. It's weird how I came to a smaller school, a library school, as a library student, and I don't feel at all comfortable in the library. In my department's building yes, with the faculty of my department yes, but for some reason not in the library.

Love you guys!

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