03 November 2008

Nervous About Tomorrow

Yup. I am. Wanna know why? Two reasons.

A) I'm not entirely convinced that the Republicans won't rig it so that they win this one as well. Have you been paying attention to the instances of Secretaries of State (Colorado and New Mexico are the two that come to my mind) purging copious numbers of people off of the voter rolls? The dude in Colorado even got sued (and then continued to do it after the judge told him not to, lovely huh?). http://tinyurl.com/6jvt26 - this is the Denver Post article. Let's see, there's also all of the complaints from people who voted with touch screen computers, saying that the computer changed who they were voting for, computers not printing out the paper verification after a person votes, and the lovely situation in Florida where things just didn't add up after their test (and they don't think it'll be fixed by tomorrow). By far my favorite article on the matter however is the one by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Greg Palast in Rolling Stone http://tinyurl.com/5wwnn2 and this one by Kennedy http://tinyurl.com/qbstp. Why on earth would the GOP want to give up power with the roll they're on?

Wow, this article just popped up on my RSS feed. How timely.

B) I'm really not so sure that Obama is going to be the huge change that everyone thinks he's going to be. Will he be better than the tard in the white house now? Yes. Will he be able (read: want to) fix things in this country that so desperately need fixing? My guess is no. He's a politician, just like the rest of them. He voted for the bailout and the only reason he wants the troops out of Iraq is so he can send them to Afghanistan and Iran. There are some great examples (cited no less) on journalist Kellia Ramares' blog. There are three parts to the article Part I - The Economy, Part II - Foreign Policy, Part III - Israel and Iran (I'm not sure why this doesn't fall under Foreign Policy but...), and Part IV - No Messiah Here . Obviously I don't agree with everything she says. That's part of the problem, sheeple in this country can't think for themselves any more. But what she does say is worth reading and worth thinking about. And she cites her sources. Did I mention that already ;)

I really need to get back to doing homework.

That is all.

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