02 November 2008

Sundays = Football

Yup, I'm a girl and yes, I like football. A lot. I do have a favorite team. And no, it's not the Patriots. I dislike Tom Brady a great deal. Actually, it's more the brain washing that Belichick puts on the team that disturbs me. He's creepy. So yeah, I'm a Colts fan. I own a jersey with the number 18 on it. In fact, it was just a few nights ago that I woke up to tell my husband that I just had a dream where Peyton asked me on a date ;)

I have other favorites, though no matter how poorly they play (and 4-4 this season is pretty poor) Indy will always be my team. When watching the games on Sunday however I do have to cheer for someone. So if I'm not watching the Colt's I normally choose the Giants (hey, they're hot this year and if I can't have the elder Manning I'll settle for the younger, plus Brandon Johnson is from husbands alma mater), Jets (i go where Farve goes), Steelers, Bears (by default, it's hubby's team), Dallas, and sometimes Seattle. That list has absolutely nothing to do with good looking quarterbacks, despite what you might think.

I even have my favorite broadcasters. Chris Berman and his crew on ESPN are by far my fav. I <3 Boomer. I can't wait to see him interview McCain and Obama tomorrow night! Keyshawn Johnson is getting better, I couldn't stand him when he first started. Tom Jones is cool too (that's an understatement by the way). I wish Boomer and Tom would call the game. I don't even bother watching the Fox or NBC (is it NBC or CBS?) pregame or half time shows. I still love Madden no matter what Stacy and Mike say. He can talk all he wants about that cheeseburger he had in '75, he's a legend. What really annoys me to no end though are the tards that do Monday Night Football. Ron Jaworski (Jaws), Tony Kornheiser, and Mike Greenberg. Actually, we can leave Mike out of it. There's nothing wrong with him. I can even tolerate Jaws. But I seriously can not handle Tony Kornheiser. I call him weasel boy because I can never remember his fricken name. He's a sports writer. And you know, he's probably a very good sports writer, but I can not stand the nonsense he spews during the game. Stupid shit! He usually has one good monologue at the beginning of the game that you can tell he wrote before hand about a particular player or team. It's usually pretty good, and that's it. That's where he should shut up and let people who know what the hell they're talking about do the rest of the game. But he can't keep his pie hole shut! It's especially annoying when it's a good game that I really want to see.

Well, it's almost time for the Colts to play the Patriots. I'm a little nervous. Obviously I'd like the Colts to win but with the way they've been playing I'm not so sure. They're at home and Sanders is back. That will help but...

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